To help teaching assistants and faculty plan and teach Communication-B courses, the WAC program offers a sequence of three training workshops early each semester. TAs teaching a Comm-B course for the first time are required to attend, and faculty may join.This cross-curricular training is designed to complement course-specific training departments may provide for instructors.


During this training, we focus on issues common to instructors in all Comm-B courses, such as: 

  • Understanding Comm-B goals and requirements
  • Antiracist approaches to teaching writing
  • Developing strategies for teaching written communication, oral communication, and information literacy
  • Clarifying expectations for formal writing and speaking assignments and developing appropriate evaluation criteria
  • Responding effectively and efficiently to students’ writing and speaking
  • Using informal (brief, ungraded) writing and speaking assignments
  • Facilitating one-to-one conferences about student writing

*If you have questions, please contact Emily Hall (ebhall@wisc.edu)

New Comm-B instructors
at a WAC training Workshop

Before & AFter The Training:

Explore writing assignments and pedagogical insights from UW-Madison faculty, staff, and TAs in the WAC Sourcebook, Locally Sourced