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WAC Workshops

Developing and Teaching Effective Multimodal Writing Assignments

Tuesday, September 20, 5:00-6:15 PM (Hybrid: Zoom or 6162 Helen C. White)

This workshop shares strategies for incorporating multimodal readings, discussions, activities, and assignments into your courses. Multimodality – or, the use of more than one mode or format in a piece of communication – can help instructors build a class environment that values diverse literacy skills. By engaging with this asynchronous workshop, you will (1) reflect on what literacies (e.g., digital literacy, auditory literacy) students must develop to be prepared to create their own multimodal texts, (2) learn tools for scaffolding students’ multimodal work to target those literacies, and (3) consider effective ways of designing multimodal assignments. Sample materials for multimodal classroom practice, scaffolding, and assignment design are provided.

Strategies for (More) Equitable Assessment of Student Writing

Monday, September 26, 12:00-1:30 PM (virtual)

Both writing and evaluation are such subjective processes—how can you assess students’ writing equitably? Don’t wait to think about this until you have a load of student papers! Equitable assessment plays an important role in how you design writing assignments as well as how you evaluate them. This workshop will give an overview of principles and strategies to achieve more equitable assessment of student writing, including discussion of sample rubrics and “ungrading” approaches like specifications grading, contract grading, and more.

(Re)Design a Writing Assignment

Tuesday, October 11, 12:00-1:30 PM (virtual)

Explore pedagogical approaches to designing inclusive and accessible writing assignments (including transparency, equity, and access). Learn how to design low and high stakes writing assignments to meet your learning objectives. Time will be provided for you to revise an existing or draft a new writing assignment.

Writing Recommendation Letters for Students


Do you feel unprepared when asked to write letters of recommendation for your students? Are you uncertain about how much to say, how many details to include, or what tone to take? In this workshop, we’ll look at a sample of letters and we’ll offer advice about writing letters that are honest and effective.