Events & Workshops

Teaching at UW: Adapting Your Coursework to a ChatGPT World

ChatGPT and other AI-generated text applications are altering the landscape of teaching and learning. It is essential for instructors to understand how this technology works and how to talk about it with students.

Join Writing across the Curriculum (WAC) and the Center for Teaching, Learning & Mentoring  (CTLM) for an interactive, hands-on workshop exploring this technology and potential uses in coursework, especially as it might support critical thinking and writing. You will leave this session with concrete strategies and examples to help you determine what works best for your practice and your students. This event will take place virtually, in Zoom.

Writing Recommendation Letters for Students


Do you feel unprepared when asked to write letters of recommendation for your students? Are you uncertain about how much to say, how many details to include, or what tone to take? In this workshop, we’ll look at a sample of letters and we’ll offer advice about writing letters that are honest and effective.