University of Wisconsin–Madison

Interactive Workshop Presentations

Professor Betty Kramer (Social Work 821)

The purpose of this assignment is to: 1) provide an opportunity to identify & synthesize multiple sources of information relevant to practice issues and/or models of assessment and intervention; and 2) provide an opportunity for cultivating the capacity to train other professionals to increase practice competencies. Students may work alone or in small groups (i.e., no more than three) to develop the workshop.

The task: 

  1. Select a topic from the syllabus that interests you
  2. Thoroughly investigate the research & practice literature relevant to your topic. NOTE: As graduate students, you are expected to draw upon current empirical articles from journals (i.e., research studies), and not rely solely on book chapters or web sites. In addition, you may want to talk with practitioners in the community who are knowledgeable about your topic area to learn from their expertise.
  3. Identify at least one of the course competencies or practice behaviors stated on the course syllabus (see pp. 1-2) that you will address in this workshop.
  4. Prepare a 45 minute interactive workshop that includes a wide variety of teaching strategies. NOTE: Your workshop should include no more than 25 minutes of lecture. The lecture must provide an outline of the workshop, relevant competency and/or practice behavior(s), and citations (author and year) for references cited.
  5. Develop exercises that will allow students to actively engage in learning (e.g., to practice a skill; discuss a related case example, respond to questions). You are encouraged to be creative (e.g., write a play, sing a song, dramatize an event), to utilize teaching strategies that will enhance learning and make your topic interesting (e.g., handouts, use of overhead, films), and to think critically about the material you are examining (e.g. gaps in knowledge; dimensions of diversity, research limitations).
  6. On the day of your workshop, you must provide a typed APA style reference list for all in attendance, with full citations for any and all resources utilized in your review of the literature and presentation.


Grades for Assignment                                                                                     Possible                          Your

                                                                                                                      Score                              Score


  1. Course competency/practice behavior identified                                        20                                _____

   and addressed successfully in workshop, references cited on slides

2. Teaching strategies: variety of strategies used, good use of                        15                                _____

eye contact, more than lecture, involves audience, creative approaches

3.   Evidence of critical thinking (e.g., research limitations,                               5                              _____

   dimensions of diversity; gaps in our knowledge)

4. Time management – Lecture portion less than 25 minutes                           5                               _____

     Workshop concluded within 45 minutes.

5. APA style reference list. Current/comprehensive?                                          5                                _____

    Reference drawn from journal articles?

   Research and practice sources included?

                                                                                    TOTAL                                    50                                 _____