Learning Contract for Semester Writing Projects in a Graduate Social Work Course

Professor Betty Kramer, Social Work 821

Professor Betty Kramer provides her Masters in Social Work students with a contract to help scaffold their choices for the writing projects they will complete throughout the course of the semester.


  • Select which assignments you would like to complete that total 75 points. This will include at least one major

assignment and one minor assignment, or three minor assignments.

  • In the “DUE DATE” column, indicate the date that you will turn in the assignment, not to exceed the last day of class.
  • Be sure to select a due date following the class date that covers the material.
  • You may turn in your assignment before your due date, but NOT after. (i.e., if you want to be safe you could put the last day of class for all your assignments and then turn them in earlier if you would like)
  • Type your name below to sign and then date the contract.
  • Post the contract sheet only to Learn at UW by 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday Feb. 4

I _____________________________ agree to complete the following assignments by the dates indicated below. 

   (please print)                

MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS: (5O Points)                                        DUE DATE

  1. In-Class Interactive Workshop
  2. Compare & Contrast 2 Treatment Approaches
  3. Service Learning:  Applied Intervention
  4. Major Research Paper


  1. Interview Older Adult
  2. Book Review & Brief Presentation
  3. Group Process Observation & Analysis (1-2 sessions)
  4. Brief Research Paper

Student Signature______________________


Note: For examples of many of the assignments listed in the learning contract above, see Section 4: Designing Effective Assignments, Section 7: Conferencing and Peer Review, and Section 8: Writing in Community-Based Learning