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Participation Grading Sheet

Cris Ruggiero (Political Science 452: Criminal Law)

Name: ______________________________________________

Discussion Section Day/Time: __________________________

Regular attendance and active participation are a necessary part of your success in this class. Since you know about your own level of participation, you have the opportunity to provide input regarding your discussion section score. At the end of each discussion, you will assign a grade to your participation for that day. Your instructor will either agree or disagree with the score and adjust it accordingly. Please note that she will determine your final score.

Please fill in your suggested score (whole numbers only) based upon the following scale. In addition, briefly list a rationale for your score, if you wish to do so. After taking into account your input, your instructor will fill in the final score.

3: Excellent participation—fully prepared for class, completed assigned readings, participated actively and thoughtfully in small group and class discussions, listened actively, allowed/encouraged others to contribute in class, arrived on time

2: Good participation—fully prepared for class, completed assigned readings, listened actively, participated in small group activities, arrived on time

1: Poor participation—unprepared for class, did not do the assigned reading or minimal or no participation in small group activities or did not pay attention or listen actively or did not arrive on time.

0: No Participation—Did not show up.



Suggested Score

Rationale for Score

Final Score


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Final Exam

Participation Grade