Student Introduction Sheets

David Ebenbach, Psychology 225
Beth Godbee, English 201

David Ebenbach,
Psychology 225

1) Name:

2) Section (circle one): Early or Late

3) Major:

4) Year in School:

5) Special Needs:

6) Are you in psychology research lab? Yes or No? (circle one) If so, whose lab?

7) What experience do you have using the library (finding journals, using the computers, etc.)?

8) What experience do you have writing (Comm-A or Comm-B courses, writing in classes, high school, extracurricular)?

9) What are some of your interests?

10) What areas of psychology do or do not interest you?

11) How do you feel about this class? Hopes? Concerns?

12) What kind of book could you write?

Beth Godbee
English 201




Major and Year in School:

What other courses are you taking? Are you working or involved with extracurricular activities?

What experience do you have with writing (Comm-A, other Comm-B, writing in classes, high school, extracurricular activities, etc.)? What do you write on your own? For instance, do you chat online, keep a journal, or email friends? What has been your experience with writing in school?

What experience do you have with research (using the library, finding journals, searching online, conducting interviews, making observations, distributing surveys, conducting experiments, etc.)?

In the past, have you asked peers, tutors, or friends to review your writing? Who (if anyone) have you used as a “second reader”?

How do you feel about a lot of ink (i.e., feedback) on your papers? What types of feedback have you found particularly helpful or unhelpful in the past?

What do you enjoy the most or least about writing?

Please use the back of this sheet if you need extra space or would like to share other information.