Every Writer Needs a Reader

Uncategorized / Friday, September 25th, 2009

By Terry Maggio

One of my responsibilities as the Writing Center’s office administrator is to publicize its services and programs across the UW campus. As anyone in marketing will tell you, it’s important to determine a target audience in the communication process. What I’ve found at the Writing Center, however, is that everyone here at the university is in our target audience.


When promoting individual instruction, we see ourselves as myth busters, always debunking the notion that meeting one on one with a writing instructor is only for remedial students. Not true! Not true! Every writer needs a reader! Our instructors meet with students from all disciplines and from all levels and abilities–from first-year students to dissertators.

A typical tutorial varies, too. Some students request only a short 30-minute conference while others with larger writing projects meet for hour-long appointments with the same instructors every week throughout the semester. Faculty members and instructors often seek consultations as well, conferring about projects such as papers they’re submitting for publication or conference presentations they’re planning. In addition, we aim to reach all of these audiences with the writing classes we offer and the resources available on our web site.

From one-on-one conferencing to writing classes, the Writing Center has something for everyone at the university—including YOU!

Terry Maggio

Program Associate for The Writing Center

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