University of Wisconsin–Madison

Peer Review for a First-Year PharmD Portfolio Assignment




Start at the 426 Canvas site:

1. Scroll down to the “Partner Portfolio Tools and Examples” section.

2. Review the “POPs Portfolio Guidesheet” and the “ISMP Error-Prone Abbreviations List” to note what aspects of the portfolio to pay particular attention to during your review.

3. Click the “Google Apps link for Partner Portfolio” link.

4. Click the gray bar that says “Google Apps link for Partner Portfolio.” Note: you need to be logged out of all other Google accounts for this to be successful.

5. Click on the “Shared with me” tab (picture below)

6. Double click on your assigned peer group’s portfolio named “POPs Portfolio 16-17 (peer group #)”

For each section of your peer group’s POPs Portfolio:

1. Read through ALL of the content, including any team member’s comments already posted.

2. Once you have read the content, take a moment and reflect on what was written. What is your initial reaction to what you just read? What did you like about the documentation, and what do you think could be improved upon?

To add comments to your peer group’s POPs Portfolio:

1. Highlight the portfolio section header. (Ex: Demographics, Medications and Health History, etc Please do NOT highlight a whole paragraph or section – JUST the header)

2. After highlighting the section header, an “add comment” bubble (shown below) appears to the right of the document.

3. Click the bubble to add a comment.


4. Type comment, and click “Comment” when finished.

The format you should use for your comment/feedback is:

(+) [Write a positive attribute for the section]

(-) [Describe one area for improvement]

Here is an example post for a Medication and Health History Section comment

(+) This section is well organized as it is laid out. All the information is easy to locate, including the partner’s immunizations and blood pressure/heart rate measurements.

(-) Double check error prone abbreviations such as the hanging decimal for digoxin .125 mg (should be digoxin 0.125 mg)

5. REMEMBER: Each group member must post his/her own, original comment for EACH section of your peer group’s portfolio. Note one positive aspect of the section and one area to improve in the section.