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Student Voices, Writing Center Receptionists, Writing Center Tutors, Writing Centers / Monday, September 7th, 2009

By Melissa Tedrowe

Hello! And welcome to our blog. I’m delighted to offer our second-ever post, which features the words of five fabulous undergraduates who run our reception desk. Theirs are the voices you hear when you call to schedule an appointment or ask a question; theirs are the faces you see when you walk into our main location in 6171 Helen C. White Hall.

As both dedicated members of our staff and students with lots of writing to do, they are in an ideal position to answer the following: What’s the best thing about coming to the Writing Center?

Mitchelle: “Getting help with clarity. There have been so many times I’ve had a sentence or paragraph that seems a bit awkward. In an appointment the instructor asks question like: What would you like to say or what should this paragraph explain? It’s funny how in the middle of answering their question it comes to me and I can rearrange it so that it makes sense for anyone. I’m always happy with my work after visiting the Writing Center.”

Martha: “The best part is that the Writing Center isn’t just for English students – undergrad and graduate students from any field can come and get help!”

Shoshana: “The best thing about coming to the Writing Center is knowing everyone there wants to help you get the most out of your visit. “

Leah: “In my opinion, working on a project one-on-one at the WC can help you feel more confident about writing just about anything. I know from experience that writing papers can often lead to feelings of uncertainty and anxiety, and it’s nice to have a nudge in the right direction.”

Sydney: “The Writing Center can really help turn your paper around by giving you a lot more direction and focus. Take, for example, my Teach for America application! Without a little help, I don’t think my application would have been given a second look.”

Mitchelle, Martha, Shoshana, Leah, and Sydney (along Ben and Ryan, two receptionists you might hear from another time) look forward to greeting you this semester! (For those of you out-of-towners, now may be the time to visit your local writing center, where the welcome is sure to be just as warm!)

— Melissa Tedrowe
Associate Director
The UW-Madison Writing Center

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